2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler
2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler
2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler
2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler
2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler
2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler

2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler

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šŸ‘©Curl, Wave, Straighten and Flip with ONLY 1 IRON !!!!!


You'll love the curls, waves and straight styles this Iron Pro creates!Ā Any style is a matter of minutes away...guaranteed!
325Ā°F-400Ā°FĀ temperature adjustments for different hair types

Ā Safer Styling, Better Results

more frizz control*
more protection from hair breakage*
longer-lasting style*
At normal temperatures, hair is rigid and wonā€™t respond to styling. At too high of temperatures, the hair bonds can become permanently damaged, causing breakage.
Our technologyĀ targets the temperature zones in between these two phasesĀ when hair is pliable for safe, effective styling.
KeyĀ Features:
šŸ”¶Dual voltage:Ā 110-240 v
šŸ”¶ProfessionalĀ titaniumĀ plates

šŸ”¶FlashĀ quickĀ heating,Ā heatsĀ upĀ inĀ 55Ā seconds!
šŸ”¶4 easilyĀ adjustableĀ temperatureĀ settings

šŸ”¶Tourmaline ceramic coating protects hair from damage
šŸ”¶NegativeĀ IonsĀ makeĀ hairĀ silkyĀ andĀ shineĀ reduce frizzĀ andĀ staticĀ electricity
šŸ”¶Automatic Shut-OffĀ 

šŸ”¶ProfessionalĀ SalonĀ Model:Ā Curl,Ā wave,Ā Ā straightenĀ and flipĀ withĀ theĀ all-in-oneĀ ergonomicĀ design



    Question: Is this just for curls and or can you straighten as well?

    Answer: Yes. its 2 in 1. curls and straighten for all hair types

    Question: I have naturally wavy/curly hair. Do I need to dry it smooth before using it?Ā 
    Can it dry naturally and then use this to straighten or curl?

    Answer: Definitely works on naturally curly hair! You don't have to straighten or blow dry smooth before curling because the iron smooths as it curls!Ā 

    Question: How does this compare with a curling iron when one has straight hair?

    Answer: The technique curling with the iron is different from that of a traditional curling iron. It is this difference that will allow you to: curl your entire head of hair quicker, create multiple curls with one device and create curls that last much longer.

    The package contains:

    • ORIGINALIRONā„¢ boxĀ 
    • User ManualĀ 
    • Pouch