Foot Callus Spin Remover – Best Corn Callus Electric Foot Scrubber
Foot Callus Spin Remover – Best Corn Callus Electric Foot Scrubber

Foot Callus Spin Remover – Best Corn Callus Electric Foot Scrubber

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This innovative Foot Callus Spin Remover is a multi-function integration. It works on toes, heels, side & the balls of your feet. It easily eliminates mats, thick skin, calloused, hands and feet cocoon, corns, dead skin and chapped cuticles. (When eliminating corns, you are recommended to grinding make the ring type operation from corns)

Foot Callus Spin Remover is an electronic personal pedicure kit that gently removes calloused and dry skin, makes your feet beautiful and softer. It is also a non-abrasive stainless steel blade.

Enjoy the feel of smooth, silky feet. Instantly remove dry, rough skin and eliminate calluses with the Foot Callus Spin Remover. The gentle abrasion works with dual speeds to cover heels, soles, and toes. Strong enough to affect tough skin but gentle enough for delicate areas. Use detachable collector to quickly and cleanly dispose of removed skin.



Step away from the primitive way of getting rid of callouses. Why would you settle for the old method when there are more efficient ways of getting those sandal-worthy feet?  Let the Foot Callus Spin Remover give you an easier, more modern way of getting rid of those unwanted calluses and cracked heels.


Foot Callus Spin Remover is an automatic callus remover that groves feet perfectly. It gently removes calluses and dry skin and may be used on your heels, soles, and toes. Foot Callus Spin Remover has two plates, a polishing plate that removes thicker calloused skin and a finishing plate that smooths out rough edges.


The Foot Callus Spin Remover gives you an easier, more convenient alternative to getting a foot spa. It works by gently removing calluses and dry skin without the hassle of having you scrub so hard. This contraption also does not leave a mess of dead skin.

With Foot Callus Spin Remover, it traps all the dry skin in an inner compartment, allowing you to keep your feet looking dandy without leaving so much to clean-up.


Foot Callus Spin Remover Functions:

  • No need for scrapping, filing, and shaving.
  • Quick and effective removal of foot’s keratin.
  • Hygienic & no mess -callus residue are collected inside debris container, prevents scattering of keratin/callus
  • Offers painless electric pedicure and removes your calluses with more precision by a simple touch of a button.
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells on the hands and other parts of the body, it’s perfect for both men and women.
  • Can be used for the soles, heels, leg


      • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries
      • Colour: white
      • Material: plastic
      • Size: 14*5*5cm/5.51”*1.96”*1.96”

      Package includes

      • 1 x Grinding Feet Care Machine
      • 1 x Filing Plate
      • 1 x Finishing Head
      • 1 x Clean Brush
      • 8 x Replacing Mats